Big Bags one loop big bags

ONE-LOOP or TWO-LOOP BAGS are incredibly cost-effective, easy to use, and ideal for transporting cement, agricultural products, fertilizers, and feeds.
The main economic advantages are:

  • low cost compared to the loading capacity of the bags and their mechanical resistance;
  • possibility to use these flexible containers without having to use a pallet for handling;
  • considerable time-saving in the handling of one-loop type bags during truck loading and unloading, being able to load or unload at least two bags at a time with a forklift equipped with traditional forks, but also 4 or 6 bags at a time depending on the equipment used for handling.
  • The Manicardi® one-loop bags were also designed for use in all those automatic continuous filling systems where rolled bags, better known as "bags-on-roll," are used.

Usually, this type of packaging is equipped with a liner inserted or glued in them as additional protection against humidity and for better preservation of the product.


  • Possibility to print up to 4 different colors per side of the bag
  • inner liner simply inserted, sewn (suspended liner) or glued
  • certified capacities available from 350 kg to 1500 kg with a 5:1 safety factor
  • bag bottom only flat, with double bottom or with drain valve
  • For the model without internal liner, it is possible to produce the one-loop bags with fine dust sealing seams, through the application of special cords or fabric felts that prevent dust from flowing out of the seams.