About us

Founded in 1977, MANICARDI® is today a strong and established company at national and international level, constantly striving to develop new products and implement a growth strategy based on quality and after-sales service.

Today, the company features two main departments:

manicardi air filter

The INDUSTRIAL AIR FILTER department of MANICARDI® makes felt and fabric filtering media for the purification of air and gases from particulate originating from industrial processes.

In addition to the production of filter sleeves and pockets, MANICARDI® provides the installation of its products and removal of exhausted filters, ensuring full service to the client.
MANICARDI® features a unique and exclusive plant for the regeneration of filtering media that have not yet completed their life cycle, but that, if properly reconditioned, could be reused in the same plant.

At the end of the nineties, the range of products was integrated with the supply to the market of filter cartridges for collecting dust originating from mechanical processing or from air-environmental suction systems.

The Packaging department of MANICARDI® manufactures and sells high quality raffia polypropylene big bags.

In the factory of Fiorano Modenese, MANICARDI® manufactures tailor-made big bags to satisfy the most varied needs of clients through a fully made in Italy production combined with a wide Italian and international distribution network for big bags for industrial or food use from outsourced suppliers. The competitiveness of its products is guaranteed by the international agreements with the major world producers of BIG BAGS which, combined with customized stock for the client, allowed achieving extraordinary results in terms of volumes sold over the years.

Since 2011, the Packaging department has been expanding its range of products by offering to the market flexible inflatable packaging used to hold goods inside containers, better known as Dunnage Bags or Air Bags.